12.04.14: Nut Brown Ale (In progress)

This brew is a full-on boxed kit from Brewers Best, purchased from Learn To Brew.

Kit Contents:
112g – Chocolate Crushed Malt
112g – Caramel 80L Crushed Malt
240g – Victory Crushed Malt
3.0kg – Briess Sparkling Amber Liquid Malt Extract (LME)
900g – Amber Dry Malt Extract (DME)
240g – Maltodextrin
28g – Columbus Hops Pellets (Bittering. Alpha 14.4%)
28g – Williamette Hops Pellets (Flavoring. Alpha 6%)
28g – Williamette Hop Pellets (Aroma. Alpha 6%)
11g – Safale S-04 Yeast
140g – Corn Sugar (Priming)

Cheesecloth grain bag
50 bottle caps

Brewing Summary:

> Steeped crushed grains in grain bag for 20 minutes at approx. 70°C.
> Brought wort to boil and added DME, Maltodextrin, LME, and bittering hops.
> Boiled 40 minutes. Added Flavoring hops.
> Boiled 15 minutes. Added Aroma hops.
> Boiled 5 minutes. Transfered brew to sink with running cold water.
> Added two (2) trays of ice cubes and 1-2 quarts of refrigerated distilled water to fermenter.
> Sparged wort with strainer as it was poured into fermenter.
> Added cold distilled water until fermenter reached 23 liters. Avoided creating foam during pour.
> Pitched yeast. Swirled gently with spoon.

Gravity Readings:
57 @ 1525h 14Mar 22°C


I have found that trying to minimize foam on the surface of the wort by pouring water down the side of the fermenter, and then gently swirling yeast after pitching results in a fairly quick start of fermentation. After 24 hours the yeast was churning away.

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