In the Beginning…

You may want to get a roll of Gorilla TapeĀ® and wrap several layers around your head to prevent a mess if your brain explodes.

Now then: If the universe is infinite, there was no beginning. It has always been. Just like theists believe of their chosen deity. Just stop for a minute, close your eyes, put your head back, and actually try to grasp the idea of infinity. Not just in one direction, but both! We can, sort of, imagine no end. At least the idea of immortality. We are born and never die. Yay! Still, start really thinking about never dying. The rational-minded would likely conclude that if we never left Earth, the Sun would eventually go nova, and that would have to be end, right?

But lets think of the idea on a cosmic scale. An infinite universe. Never comes to an end. If you were immortal and could travel outward you would never reach the end.

Feeling some pressure under that tape, yet?

Well, then, consider this: The universe had no beginning. You heard me. Yeah, sure, you can site The Big Bang Theory (bazinga!). But that is only the known universe. In an infinite universe there will be infinite possibilities for big bangs and therefore an infinite number of universes.  So what we consider our universe, is only one instance of a cycle of expansion and contraction.

So…infinity. No beginning – no end. The next time you lay down to sleep, close your eyes and ponder it. Allow your thoughts to move beyond the walls, and up, out, past the planets of our solar system, beyond the farthest point of light in the night sky. Imagine continuing on forever, passing galaxies collapsing back on themselves, on their way to a new beginning. You will never fully grasp it, but you’ll know when you get close. It will be a lightning flash of realization that cannot be described by words. You will experience the true meaning of “awe”.

And hope that the Gorilla Tape holds.