12.02.04: Strawbeery

This brew combines Cooper’s Canadian Blonde kit with fresh strawberries.

1 can Cooper’s Canadian Blonde LME.
1Kg (1 box) Cooper’s Brew Enhancer 2 (BE2)
7g Cooper’s Brewers yeast
2.4Kg Fresh Pureed Strawberries.

Brewing Summary:
Brought approx. 6 Liters of water to a boil
Added BE2 and dissolved.
Added LME and rinsed can with very hot water into wort.
Boiled 1 hour.
Added puree. Reduced heat and steeped 20 minutes at approx. 86°C

Poured worted into ice and water mixture in fermenter (no sparge).
Filled to 22L
Pitched yeast.

Gravity Readings:
42 @ 1630h 04 Feb 25°C
12 @ 1715h 10 Feb 22°C
12 @ 1635h 11 Feb 21°C

Bottled on 11 Feb 2012 using Cooper’s priming sugar tablets and measured corn sugar spoonfuls.

4.5% AbV

This brew can out very opaque. Almost looked more like orange juice and retained some particulates (seeds). I do not believe this was pectin setting, because the puree was not boiled. However, it was a good fruity beer, and after two (2) months in the bottle, it began showing noticeable clarifying. In the future, I may try Irish Moss in the boil and a secondary fermentation, or even a lagering.

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