11.12.03: Pantry Sweep Porter

960g – Munton’s Dark DME
865g – Cooper’s Brew Enhancer 2 (BE2)
1.5kg – Briess CBW Munich (Unhopped).
500g – Cooper’s Light DME
225g – Roasted Barley
180ml – Unsulphured Molasses
240ml – Golden Brown Sugar
14g – UK Northern Brewer Hop Pellets (Bittering. Alpha 10.6%)
14g – Williamette Hops Pellets (Aroma. Alpha 5.3%)
120ml – Cocoa Powder
120ml – Ground Dark Coffee
7g – Cooper’s Brewing Yeast

Brewing Summary:
Steeped Roasted Barley 30 minutes @ 65-70°C
Added all Ingredients (except Williamette hops)
Boiled 60 minutes.
Added Williamette.
Boiled 2 minutes.
Sparged into fermenter.

Gravity Readings:
65 1600h 03 Dec 20°C
33 0745h 06 Dec 18°C
15 0740h 09 Dec 19°C
13 0815h 10 Dec 19°C
13 1020h 11 Dec 19°C

7.5% AbV

The gist of this brew is in the name: Use whatever is on hand. The dark malt and roasted barley is probably the most basic requirements for a porter, but everything else is up for grabs. I felt that this turned out well, but I think I would try to either reduce the number of ingredients, or actually put more in to get a better sense of them all.

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