11.10.28: Cherry Stout

450g – Crystal Malt 120L
225g – Roasted Malt
225g – Black Malt
450g – Munton’s Dark Dried Malt Extract (DME)
3.0kg – Briess CBW Traditional Dark Syrup
42g – UK Northern Brewer Hop Pellets (Bittering. Alpha 10.6%)
14g – Williamette Hops Pellets (Aroma. Alpha 5.3%)
16g – Gypsum
2.5kg – Oregon Tart Cherries in Water (6 x 114g cans)
11g – Safale US-05 Yeast

Brewing Summary:
Steeped Roasted and Black Malt 30 minutes @ 65-70°C
Added all Ingredients (except Williamette hops)
Boiled 60 minutes.
Strained surface for hops residue.
Turned off heat, poured in cherries.
Turned heat to low and brought to 71°C.
Steeped 15 minutes.
Added Williamette Hops

Added to fermenter (no sparge) with 1Liter cold bottled water and 2 16oz ice blocks.
Added cold water to 20L.
Pitched yeast.

Gravity Readings:
55 1500 28 Oct 25°C
20 1315h 03 Nov
Added 1 cup of sterilized Cooper’s Brew Enhancer 2.
Racked in bottling bucket.

20 1145h 08 Nov
20 1450h 12 Nov 21°C
Bottled with Cooper’s Carbonation Drops (2 per 750 ml bottle).

5.2 % AbV

I’m not certain how much this tasted of cherries, but it was a good stout in my estimation.

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